The Grinch & Cindy Lou At Apple Tree Town


16th December

🎄 You Better Watch Out, The Grinch Is About in Apple Tree Town! 🎄

Hold onto your Christmas hats and jingle all the way, for The Grinch is sneaking around Apple Tree Town, causing festive dismay! He’s gone and done it again – stolen Christmas with a grin! Can your little ones team up with Cindy Lou and concoct a plan to win back the joy and the festive din?

🌟 A Mischievous Adventure with The Grinch & Cindy Lou!
Join us on Saturday 16th December, for a Christmas escapade like no other! Choose between two magical sessions, 2-4pm or 4.30-6.30pm, and step into a world where mischief meets merriment. The Grinch and Cindy Lou will be there, leading the way, in a festive frolic filled with challenges and play!

💚 Help Cindy Lou Retrieve Christmas!
The Grinch won’t make it easy, with his tricks and his sneers, but we believe in the magic of Christmas and the power of cheers! Help Cindy Lou save Christmas and spread the Christmas spirit, to unmask The Grinch’s antics and bring back the Christmas bliss!

🎁 A Special Christmas Event in Apple Tree Town!
This isn’t just any festive day – it’s a special Christmas event where memories are made and hearts are sent aflutter! With The Grinch’s mischief and Cindy Lou’s charm, it’s a magical blend of excitement and warm Christmas charm!

📅 Book Online to Secure Your Spot!
Ready for a festive adventure in Apple Tree Town? Book online via our website to ensure your place in this enchanting tale! Spaces are limited, and The Grinch is eager to see if Apple Tree Town’s little ones can outsmart his scheming ways!

So, gather your little helpers and join us for a day of festive fun, playful challenges, and magical moments! Let’s show The Grinch the true meaning of Christmas and fill Apple Tree Town with laughter, joy, and festive hums! 🌟✨