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Role-play in Apple Tree Town Play Village

Role-play is a great way to develop children’s imagination and creativity. It also helps them learn how to work in a team, taking turns and sharing. Play is also a vital part of children’s development and helps them to learn about the world around them. It also helps build their self-confidence, social skills, and language and literacy skills.

Indoor Play Area

Apple Tree Town has been designed for children aged 1 and above. Not forgetting babies, we even have an area for them too! We have lots of different areas to explore such as a supermarket, a hospital and a theatre. There are also opportunities for adults to join in too!

Play Sessions

We offer x4 – 1.5 hour sessions (Tuesday-Sunday) so there are plenty of opportunities for children to play. The town will then close for half an hour between sessions so our team can fully clean and reset the town, ready for the next group to play and explore!

Local Play Area

Not everybody likes a busy town centre…… so In order for every child to fully enjoy their time at Apple Tree Town, We limit numbers per session to allow the children to fully explore and immerse themselves in play.


We would always kindly encourage you to book online prior to your visit, to avoid disappointment. However please feel free to call us on the day, as we might have the odd cancellation.


If you could arrive 5 minutes before your session, this should allow plenty of time to book in at reception and get to play!