We are a Role Play Centre based in Staffordshire.
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Petrol Pump Attendant

Help customers fill their vehicles with fuel
Take payment from customers for fuel and groceries in the petrol station shop
Keep the petrol station clean and tidy

Theatre Manager

Show people to their seats
Take bookings for the shows
Sell refreshments at the beginning and in the middle of performances

Shop Assistant

Sell goods to customers
Help customers pack their shopping
Restock shelves each day


Prepare patients for operations
Assist the Doctor
Give medical care to all patients


Respond to 999 calls
Take ill or injured patients to hospital
Treat patients before they are taken to hospital

Café Assistant

Clean and tidy the café ready to serve customers
Take payment from customer who have bought food and drinks
Serve customers their food and drinks


Wash, cut and style hair
Shave beards
Wash and style beards

Post Person

Deliver all letters and parcels from the post office to places around the town
Help the Post Office Assistant sort the mail
Check each address is correct before posting the mail

Bank Manager

Manager of the banking clerks, making sure the bank clerks are doing their job correctly
Responsible for the safes. Making sure they are locked up each night
Look after all of the customers

Park Keeper

Keep the park clean and tidy
Pick up rubbish and put it in the bin
Mow the lawn and get rid of any weeds


Service customer’s vehicles
Inspect and repair cars, motorbikes, vans and trucks
Change oil in customers vehicles


Learn scripts ready for a weekly performance
Perform each week in shows and musicals
Introduce the acts on stage


Teach students English, Maths, Science, Music, geography and PE
Plan and prepare each lesson
Help students take part in each lesson


Examine patients who are ill or injured
X-ray patients with possible broken bones
Prescribe medicine to poorly patients


Create a menu for the café
Bake bread and pastries
Make sandwiches and pizza’s to sell that day


Cut and blow dry customers hair
Perm customers hair
Wash and style hair


Manicures and pedicures on customers
All facial treatments on customers
All cosmetic services to enhance customers appearance and make them feel more confident

Post Office Assistant

Take payment for any parcels and letters to be sent from the customer
Weigh and stamp all of the incoming mail that need to be delivered
Sort all of the letters and parcels correctly ready for the post person to deliver

Bank Clerk

Deposit customers money and gold in the safes
Process loan and mortgage applications
Set up savings accounts for customer